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Precision Porsche offers a level of unsurpassed experience, but with a pricing structure that is more easily afforded. Significant is a level of expertise gained through many years of dealing with the Porsche marque. In fact, company principal, years in his home country of America gaining a Mechanical Engineering to all of his experience.

Immediately established Precision Porsche Conversion and specialized in left to right hand conversions of all Porsche models. Word soon spread and requests poured in for a commitment in other areas of Porsche maintenance. So significant has been the companies diversification that the compayny with his crew now offers a wide range of services equaling, and in many cases, bettering original equipment suppliers. Admittedly, concourse standard rebuilds , and left to right hand conversions on every model Porsche may stand as the backbone of the business, logically, for anyone to perform a full restoration, they must be highly competent in all areas of mechanical and aesthetic repairs.

Precision Porsche Conversion uses only the finest quality spare parts to ensure that your Porsche will run at optimal performance, making your driving experience as pleasurable as possible...